Healthation Becomes Aldera, Reflecting Focus and Foresight on the Business of Healthcare

Change highlights Aldera’s innovative capabilities across dynamic healthcare landscape

Healthation Becomes Aldera, Reflecting Focus and Foresight on the Business of Healthcare

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Healthation, Inc. a leading provider of cloud-based and on-premise core administration solutions for healthcare payers and administrators, announced today it has changed its name to . Aldera takes its name from Alderamin, a star whose magnitude and location makes it dependable for use in navigation.

“In recent months, we have seen the healthcare climate become increasingly complex, making it challenging to navigate,” said Darin LeGrange, Aldera’s President and CEO. “In the wake of an uncertain future, healthcare payers need a committed, knowledgeable partner that understands the landscape, even as it shifts.”

LeGrange notes that while there is uncertainty in healthcare, there are also new opportunities for growth. Aldera’s new tagline, , indicates that Aldera provides a level of guidance and expertise currently lacking in the industry, and through a committed partnership, the company’s customers can achieve stability in today’s challenging, changing and complex healthcare financial and benefits administration environment.

Aldera’s high performance includes three primary components: ,andin a tightly integrated design that enables payers to quickly deploy new products. However, while the company’s platform can serve as a standalone core administrative system, it can also optimize a legacy system by delivering solutions on a functional component (i.e. financial management) level.

Aldera’s technology and expertise encompass solutions that enable customers to capitalize on new, post-healthcare reform opportunities; improve operational efficiency and decrease costs; address the unique requirements and increased complexity of individual markets; assure readiness for new payment reimbursement models; and better assess and address the clinical needs of members.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for our company and the health insurance industry,” LeGrange added. “As Aldera, we are ready to help position our clients for their long-term success.”

Aldera (formerly Healthation) outfits healthcare payers and administrators with a flexible, rules-based, and functionally-rich platform that enables them to meet industry challenges, improve business performance and future-proof their organizations. Aldera brings efficacy to core administration across all lines of business in commercial and government markets. Aldera is committed to devising solutions that meet a customer’s current and future business challenges and enable them to grow amidst increased competition and shifting risk. Aldera’s offerings are available via SaaS subscription model in either a cloud-based or client- hosted environment. For more information, please visit , LinkedIn @ , Twitter @ , or call 800-507-3895.