Health systems build physician-hospital networks; Pres. candidates don't toe pharma's party line;

> Health systems and hospitals are increasingly building their own networks to connect up with physicians, rather than waiting for regional health information exchanges to come together. FierceHealthIT

> While drug companies have donated about $450,000 to the Obama campaign, they've only given McCain a little over $132,000 to date. Still, neither candidate's positions are completely in line with industry preferences. FiercePharma

> A new study suggests that some safety-net hospitals, in an effort to boost their income, have taken steps that compromise their mission. FierceHealthFinance

> Sure, things have been tough in the financial industry, and that has decidedly had an effect on hospitals' borrowing patterns. However, their investment strategies seem to have remained largely the same, one analysis suggests. FierceHealthFinance

And Finally... No, that's not an Easter egg, it's a pigeon. A very sticky, flightless pigeon. Article