Health system board stays small; C. diff infections more common among elderly, children;

> Miami-Dade County approved a smaller board for Jackson Health System under the notion it could operate more quickly and without unnecessary interference from politicians, The Miami Herald reported. The industry might see hospital boards shrink as almost a quarter of surveyed board members and CEOs last month said their boards are bloated and too large to be efficient. Article

> Between 2009 and 2011, the New Hampshire Medicaid Fraud Unit recovered $14 million, filed criminal charges against 25 defendants and obtained 15 convictions, according to a report released Monday from the Office of Inspector General. The unit also saw patient abuse and neglect cases drop, attributed primarily to staffing limitations. Report

> Tennessee-based Vanguard Health Systems cut the pay of Detroit Medical Center's CEO as he makes a run for city major, according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Meanwhile, the system's CEO and board chairman saw his total compensation nearly double this year. SEC Filings

> Hospitalized children and elderly patients are seeing more common and severe cases of clostridium difficile infections, the Mayo Clinic announced Monday. Researchers attribute increased use of antibiotics as driving up the infection rates. Announcement

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