Health system board must resign or get fired; Unpaid care leads to $6.5M hospital deficit;

> Bamberg (S.C.) County Hospital closed Monday; however, an urgent care clinic opened in its place to maintain area patients' access to healthcare services, according to the Times and Democrat. Article

> The Colorado Springs City Council has given Memorial Health System's board a big decision to make--resign or be fired, reported the Colorado Springs Gazette. The council's ultimatum stemmed from the board's vote to give Memorial's outgoing CEO a $1.15 million separation agreement that included $1 million in severance pay, a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid and $20,000 to help land a new position. Article

> Thanks to unpaid hospital bills, Ohio's EMH Regional Health Care System suffered a $6.5 million deficit last year, reported The Morning Journal. Article

> California lawmakers yesterday approved a bill that would ban taxpayer-funded healthcare districts from giving financial perks to top executives, reported the Bay Citizen. Article

And Finally... Harmonica-playing elephant Article