Health reform may expose immigrant status; For-profit hospitals don't have to disclose finances in New Jersey;

> The health reform legislation may expose immigrant status, Reuters reported. Since the reform requires all U.S. citizens and permanent residents to get health insurance, a lack of coverage could make undocumented immigrants easier to identify. Article

> The traveling lab technician accused of starting the hepatitis C outbreak at New Hampshire's Exeter Hospital had "open lesions," according to a federal complaint, HealthLeaders Media reported. Article

> To keep patients safer, Joint Commission President Mark Chassin is encouraging hospitals to adopt Lean practices and process improvement techniques, according to an article in Hospitals & Health Networks Daily. "The three critical changes healthcare organizations have to undertake are a leadership commitment to zero major quality failures, the full embodiment and implementation of safety culture and the full deployment of these tools of robust process improvement," he said. Article

> New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie yesterday vetoed a bill that would have required for-profit hospitals to disclose their finances. The bill would have made for-profits publicly disclose the same financial information that nonprofit entities must file with the Internal Revenue Services. Announcement (.pdf)

> Brooklyn officials are asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo to provide financial assistance to SUNY Downstate Medical Center, which eliminated 150 workers this year and expects another 1,000 layoffs next year, according to the Village Voice. City officials want Cuomo to restore state funding to the hospital, as well as provide a bridge loan. Blog post

And Finally… Drunk dialer calls 911 for a ride. Article