Health reform confusing to Americans; U. of Maryland hospital 'going green' for Earth Day;

> In a poll released by the Kaiser Family Foundation today, 56 percent of Americans say they don't understand how healthcare reform ultimately will affect them. Kaiser's survey also found that 46 percent of Americans look at reform as a positive thing, while 40 percent "view it unfavorably." Article

> Hospitals wanting to "go green" in honor of Earth Day should follow the example set by the University of Maryland Medical Center, which doing things such as using more environmentally friendly IV tubing and reducing energy consumption by 5 percent annually through better management techniques and equipment. Article

> It won't qualify you for Medicare and Medicaid EMR incentive payments, but a an "ultra-light record" based on standards of the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) soon will be available to help physicians capture data related to cancer patients' office visits--and at least satisfy one of the proposed requirements. FierceEMR

And Finally... I think next time, this employee will tell his customers to hold their breath. Article