Health Care M&A Activity for 2010 Remains Strong According to New Report from Irving Levin Associates, Inc.

NORWALK, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- During 2010 and based on preliminary results, a total of 913 mergers and acquisitions were announced in 13 sectors of the health care industry, a 3% decrease from the 945 transactions announced in 2009. Based on prices revealed to date, a total of $206.5 billion was committed to finance the year’s 913 deals. This represents an 11% decrease from the $232.2 billion in 2009. In terms of dollars committed to M&A deals, 2010 is the fifth-largest year of the past 10 years.



Sector 2010     2009     % Change 2010     2009 % Change
Behavioral Health 7 11 -36% $3,491,000,000 $79,659,000 4,280%
Home Health 41 42 -2% 1,405,083,000 140,997,000 896%
Hospitals 75 53 42% 17,442,095,000 1,813,300,000 860%
Laboratories, MRI, Dialysis 39 30 30% 2,230,061,950 90,457,000 2,365%
Long-Term Care 103 88 17% 11,735,704,464 2,918,175,000 302%
Managed Care 13 15 -13% 4,093,323,000 850,000,000 380%
Physician Medical Groups 60 41 46% 425,439,000 99,100,000 329%
Rehabilitation 12 11 9% 236,890,000 22,085,000 973%







Services Subtotal 441 369 20% $64,074,114,936 $12,290,024,881 421%
Biotechnology 110 193 -43% $55,951,409,000 $47,445,849,040 18%
E-Health 73 69 6% 6,893,651,063 11,534,925,000 -40%
Medical Devices 165 176 -6% 41,493,789,929 13,820,275,951 200%







Technology Subtotal 472 576 -18% $142,440,330,892 $219,923,097,176 -35%
Grand Total 913 945 -3% $206,514,445,828 $232,213,112,057 -11%
*2010 Preliminary Figures

The year-over-year results are skewed by two mega-deals in the 2009 Pharmaceutical industry worth a combined total of $109.1 billion, Pfizer’s $68.0 billion acquisition of Wyeth and Merck & Co.’s $41.1 billion acquisition of Schering-Plough Corp. Controlling for these two deals, both announced just before the generational market bottom in March 2009, shows that the health care M&A market continues to climb out of the Great Recession with a full head of steam.

“The passage of health care reform in March 2010 has allowed providers of health care services to pencil out clearer projections of their revenues and cash flows. This aids them in turn in determining more acceptable valuations of businesses they wish to buy or sell,” stated Stephen M. Monroe, managing editor at Irving Levin Associates, Inc., which publishes The Health Care M&A Report. “The thawing of credit has further facilitated the great surge of health care services M&A activity during 2010, with spending up 421% over the comparable levels in 2009. Private equity has also been swift to return to the market to put to use money which had been sitting on the sidelines, and to find well-priced deals before the market gets much hotter.” Activity in the Hospital sector, generally perceived to be the focus of the health care delivery system, is forecast to remain strong for 2011.

The health care technology segment, including Biotechnology, e-Health, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals, posted 472 deals, or 52% of the year’s deal volume, worth $142.4 billion. “If we remove 2009’s two mega-deals from the mix, spending on Pharmaceutical M&A was essentially flat from 2009 into 2010,” observed Sanford Steever, Ph.D., editor of the Report. “During 2010, pharma companies pursued deals in the biotech sector to find new sources of revenue to replace what is being lost to the expiration of patent protection and exclusivity on their blockbuster drugs.” Going forward in 2011, the big pharma companies will continue to focus on biotechnology companies for new, hard-to-copy products, and their potentially blockbuster sales.

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