Hartford Physician Hospital Organization Implements Global Technology Initiative For Care Improvement

WALTHAM, Mass. & HARTFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--We are pleased to announce that Hartford PHO has gone live using MedVentive's advanced clinical registries and sophisticated point of care (POC) decision support platform to help them improve the quality and coordination of patient care, promote efficiency, and support their clinical integration program.

To meet their core goal of clinical integration, Hartford PHO needed a system that would aggregate and share clinical data across their large network of large and small practices that were at varying stages of EMR adoption. They wanted the flexibility to share a combination of evidence-based and custom clinical care guidelines across the network. In addition, they wanted robust workflows that helped busy physicians drive proactive improvements in patient compliance, create care collaboration across the community, and improve efficiency.

After an extensive review of existing industry offerings, including EMRs and registry products, they concluded that there was not a single solution that would meet these requirements as well as their needs for robust and dynamic enterprise reporting. After discussions with Dr. Niloff, MedVentive's CEO, and other key members of the MedVentive team, Hartford PHO determined that their best option was to work with MedVentive to help build the right solution.

MedVentive's robust, advanced business & clinical intelligence platform already offered best-in class reporting capabilities, embedded registry functionality, and automated patient - physician outreach capabilities. For a next generation product, MedVentive and Hartford PHO focused on the need for a system that reflected the workflow of the physician's practice and provided real-time, prospective data for engaging the patient in managing their health at the point-of-care. A key workflow component was the creation of automated work queues that use real-time decision support to identify gaps in care, and engage the physician and office staff to efficiently and effectively outreach to patients on a daily basis.

Successful collaboration between MedVentive and Hartford PHO resulted in the recent launch of MedVentive's point-of-care registry and POC decision support system - a product whose functionality will place Hartford PHO and its physicians at the forefront of the industry.

"MedVentive has been an outstanding partner, really grasping what we need to provide to our physicians to improve quality of patient care," states Tracy King, Director of Clinical Integration at Hartford PHO. "One of the most powerful capabilities we are providing each of our physicians is an online, comprehensive patient-centric view of their patients because the system is able to aggregate information from multiple sources. It also supports point-of-care data entry, helping PCPs and specialist work cohesively on the overall health of a patient using timely data," she continues.

Dr. Lewis Parker adds, "In addition, the system has physician friendly workflows that drive compliance with our clinical guidelines, so we can proactively provide the best care."

Dr. Niloff concludes, "Partnering with our clients really helps us continue to excel in technology innovation and helps ensure that our products will work in the field - in the real world of everyday medical practice. Hartford helped us create a compelling advanced registry solution that further expands the robust platform we can offer all of our clients."

About Hartford PHO

The Hartford Physician Hospital Organization (HPHO) is a partnership between the Hartford Physicians Association (HPA) and Hartford Hospital. The organization was founded in 1987 as a collaborative vehicle for managed care strategy development, contracting, and medical management. Over the years, the PHO's programs and initiatives in financial and clinical integration have fostered improvements in the quality and efficiency of care, and increased coordination of care across the continuum of health services. The organization brings together Hartford Hospital and over 800 HPA member physicians, in large practices and small practices, who serve patients throughout Hartford County and beyond. More than twenty years after its founding, the organization continues to find its distinctive strength in collaborative partnership, and its purpose in developing a better, higher-performing, differentiated medical delivery product for Connecticut's citizens.

About MedVentive

Clients use our next generation solutions to manage best-in-class pay for performance programs, engage providers and build transparency, meet even exceed goals for improving member/patient health, reduce medical and pharmacy costs, leverage automation and increase efficiencies (less FTEs to do more), support population management and intervention programs with providers and for members, and more.

For more than a decade, MedVentive has been helping health plans and provider organizations create a single comprehensive view of their performance and improvement opportunities that allows them to successfully improve the quality of patient care and reduce medical costs. Proven ROI with an average pay back in less than one year makes MedVentive a compelling answer in today's healthcare environment.