Halfpenny Technologies Partners with HT Systems to Provide Biometric Patient Identification to Labs

Integration of HT Systems’ PatientSecure™ Patient ID Capabilities with Halfpenny’s HIE Solutions Improves Lab Efficiency, Reduces Wait Times and Enhances Patient Safety

BLUE BELL, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Halfpenny Technologies, Inc., a leading health information exchange (HIE) solutions provider specializing in laboratory, pathology and physician electronic medical record (EMR) system interoperability, today announced that it has reached an agreement with HT Systems to integrate the PatientSecure biometric patient identification system into its health information exchange solutions.

“By bundling PatientSecure with our HIE offerings, we’re not only decreasing the time it takes to move a patient through the administrative process within high volume labs, but are also adding an even stronger layer of security to help prevent fraud and identity theft,” notes Jerry Baker, CEO of Halfpenny Technologies. “In addition, patients no longer have to complete duplicate paperwork and answer sensitive identity questions each time they visit the lab, increasing patient satisfaction and improving lab workflow.”

The integration of PatientSecure with Halfpenny’s HIE solutions enables patients who have previously visited a lab’s patient service center to be instantly identified in the lab’s registration system simply by having the palm of their hand scanned. Once the scan is complete, the patient’s medical record is automatically retrieved — decreasing the number of steps required to access a record and helping to ensure that the correct patient is matched with the correct record.

“Improving the accuracy of patient identification while also streamlining the patient registration process is crucial to helping labs deliver exceptional service,” says Carl Bertrams, senior vice president, sales and marketing of HT Systems. “Through integration of HT Systems' PatientSecure with Halfpenny’s HIE solutions, labs are able to further ensure patient safety, enhance the reliability of EMRs by eliminating duplicate medical records, and significantly reduce patient wait times – all at a time when administrative efficiency and patient convenience are increasingly in the spotlight.”

For initial enrollment into the PatientSecure system, a patient confirms their identity with relevant identification documents, such as a driver’s license, insurance card and Social Security number. Next, the patient is linked to their medical record in the lab information system by placing their palm directly above the PatientSecure scanning device, which scans the hand using a non-intrusive, near-infrared light wave to capture an image of the blood flowing through the veins. The resulting scan generates a biometric signature of the patient’s vein pattern, which is 100 times more unique than a fingerprint. Once the biometric signature has been attached to the patient’s medical record via integration with Halfpenny’s HIE solutions, the patient’s personal financial and medical information can be automatically retrieved (within approximately 3-5 seconds) via a scan of the patient’s palm whenever he or she visits the lab in the future.

About HT Systems

HT Systems is a healthcare technology leader, providing the latest innovation in patient identity management: PatientSecure™, the company’s flagship Biometric Patient Identification System, links the biometric palm vein pattern of the patient to their medical record in any HIS registration or EMR system. PatientSecure™ is currently installed at nearly 2,000 points of entry in 50+ hospitals and hundreds of affiliated clinics and physician practices across the country, with clients reporting a 99%+ patient adoption of the technology. At the forefront of providing integrated hardware and software solutions to the healthcare industry, HT Systems partners with its clients to develop solutions specific to the client’s environment. With more than 25 years of healthcare and healthcare technology experience, HT Systems is poised to be an industry leader for healthcare providers by delivering robust solutions today. Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., HT Systems can provide services throughout the US. For more information, please call 888-224-6359 or visit www.PatientSecure.com.

About Halfpenny Technologies, Inc.

Halfpenny Technologies is a leading provider of healthcare connectivity and integration solutions for Health Information Exchange, Clinical Data Exchange and CPOE (computerized physician order entry). The company utilizes its depth of knowledge and real world clinical experience to meet the increasing demand for connectivity to physician portals and physician electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Through its proprietary Integration Technology Framework™ (ITF), Halfpenny Technologies delivers clinical data integration and connectivity solutions that enable hospitals and laboratories to receive, process and respond to physician-initiated requests for ancillary services. Halfpenny’s targeted solutions cover the full spectrum of health information exchange to provide reliable, secure and efficient exchange of clinical information while also facilitating the flow of patient, financial and administrative data between physician practices, laboratories, hospitals and health plans. The company has established a national reputation for delivering innovative integration and connectivity technology solutions for its clients. For more information, visit www.halfpenny.com.


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