Group challenges St. Louis system's uninsured pricing settlement; Study shows no link between measles vaccine and autism;

> Back in March, it seemed like a solution to the long-fought class-action lawsuit was near at hand. Under fire for the prices it charged the uninsured, St. Louis-based BJC Healthcare agreed to give a 25 percent discount to all hospital patients without insurance. But now, it's looking like the settlement might not be good enough for everyone involved. FierceHealthFinance

> Shares of Allergan shot up 13 percent on the news that Botox worked as a therapy for chronic migraines in a late-stage trial. And based on its analysis from two studies, Allergan says it will go to the FDA next year to file an sBLA for an added approval. FierceBiotech

> An influential pharma analyst downgraded Merck shares, saying they've hit their price ceiling. Why? The reasons can be summed up in four drugs: Singulair, Gardasil, taranabant, and Vytorin. FiercePharma

> Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health looked closely to see if the measles vaccine could trigger autism--and found nothing. FierceVaccines

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