Groundbreaking Approach to Comprehensive Cancer Care Opens Here in the Valley at One of the Largest Naturopathic Practices in the U.S.

The Life Center (TLC) at Arizona Natural Health Center is the first in Arizona to offer team-based holistic approach to cancer treatment, after-remission care, and support for cancer patient caregivers

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Tempe-based today announced the opening of its new center, which offers a unique team-based approach to both natural and comprehensive cancer treatment that empowers people with cancer.

Located at Arizona Natural Health Center in Tempe, The Life Center is led by Drs. Heather Paulson and Elizabeth Rice; both are licensed naturopathic physicians. is one of a very few board-certified naturopathic oncologists in the United States. is a highly regarded homeopathic expert who earned a rare and coveted second-year homeopathic residency following medical school. Both have honed skills to prepare them for this unique endeavor.

“We are thrilled to offer truly comprehensive cancer care. This is an option that hasn’t been offered before in Arizona,” says Dr. Eric Udell, co-founder and medical director of Arizona Natural Health Center. “Dr. Paulson and Dr. Rice are two of the most highly trained naturopathic physicians in the country, and their approach to natural cancer treatment rivals many internationally known integrative cancer treatment centers.”

Arizona Natural Health Center is the first center of its kind to offer a team-based approach to natural cancer treatment, incorporating both naturopathic oncology and homeopathy into a patient’s conventional cancer treatment protocol. Natural treatment modalities include IV therapy, nutrition, supplements and homeopathic remedies to address physical or emotional imbalances in the body.

“The goal of natural cancer treatment is to integrate our natural therapies with other conventional oncology protocols that a patient might undergo, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation,” says Dr. Paulson. “We help patients to strengthen and balance their systems so that they experience fewer and less severe side effects from their treatments. This, along with our natural strategies for reducing cancer growth and recurrence, enables patients to complete their treatment programs more successfully, and ideally get them into remission more quickly.”

There is not one particular way in which to recover from cancer, and since it’s not “one size fits all,” Drs. Paulson and Rice champion a team approach to cancer treatment, encouraging patients and caregivers to recruit a strong team of experts to lean on.

“When patients and caregivers engage the right team of experts, they have multiple resources to draw upon and the journey back to health is less overwhelming and can actually be enriching,” says Dr. Rice. “A patient’s medical team may be made up of counselors, nutritionists and yoga teachers in addition to oncologists. It’s important to address and support a patient’s physical, mental and emotional health during cancer treatment, because they all are crucial to recovery.”

A second unique aspect to The Life Center is a continued focus on health and wellness patients enter remission.

“We are here to support our patients for the long haul,” says Dr. Paulson. “A cancer diagnosis can make people feel as though they have lost control of their lives. We provide the tools for them to take that control back.”

To this end, Drs. Paulson and Rice offer natural therapies to help reduce cancer recurrence, regain health and vitality after conventional treatment, prevent and address the long-term side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, and support emotional well-being.

Since cancer can take its toll on family and friends of cancer patients, Arizona Natural Health Center also offers support for caregivers of those with cancer by providing them with naturopathic healthcare and homeopathic care to support their well-being.

“Dr. Paulson I are personally aware of the toll that a cancer diagnosis can take on a patient’s caregivers,” says Rice. “We have both been primary caregivers to loved ones with cancer, and we understand that the health and well-being of these loved ones can be overlooked. We understand exactly what a caregiver goes through, and we care deeply about supporting these individuals as well.”

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