Grassley proposal would delay Medicare payments; Top 15 Women in Pharma;

> New legislation floated by Sen. Chuck Grassley (D-Iowa) would give HHS the authority to extend the time period in which Medicare claims must be paid if the office suspects any form of funny business, even needless procedures or tests. FierceHealthFinance 

> While the Big Pharma CEO club may still be all-male, women are fast becoming contenders for the job. This week our sister publication, FiercePharma spolights 15 of the women burning up the executive track. FiercePharma 

> A judge has issued a ruling that could kick some 6,000-odd trials back to state courts for a possible trial regarding potential harm from psychiatric drug Seroquel. FiercePharma

> A UCLA  engineering professor has created a piece of software and a small sensing device - built from $10 of off-the-shelf hardware - that effectively turns a cell phone into a microscope for lab testing in the field. FierceMobileHealthcare 

> And Finally... Apparently, you can't actually cut the cord with safety scissors, but otherwise... Article