Goba Partners with Businesses and Non-profits to Build Audience Engagement

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Goba, which stands for "Get Out Be Active," (http://www.goba.mobi) is a mobile-based service that helps bring people together in person in relation to their shared interests. Goba leverages existing technologies (iPhone, Android, the Web and texting) to make it quick and simple to organize and manage events with friends.

Goba is finding strong interest with companies in the Healthcare/Wellness, Non-profit and Political areas who are searching for an easy and fast way to connect with their constituency through mobile apps and text messaging. Within the Healthcare/Wellness industry, Goba is helping hospitals and wellness companies encourage their customers to be more active with friends, all in the hopes of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Significant headway is also being made in the non-profit world by helping government agencies and urban-based community organizations effectively organize activities. Goba makes it easy to schedule events and receive real-time aggregated responses from these communities through basic text messaging. Goba is currently engaged with two non-profit organizations that have an extensive reach into the nation's largest urban marketplaces.

"The recently launched 'Text to Join' feature has proven to be a very attractive way for companies to effectively capture, engage and mobilize an audience," says John Dayani, Goba CEO. "The user simply texts a keyword to the Goba short-code phone number and the organization can present opportunities to their target audience's mobile phones, even if the audience only has access to basic text messaging capabilities."

About Goba

Goba was founded with a passion to create technology that helps people build and maintain face-to-face relationships. Getting out, being active and building relationships are all key components to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. Launched in May 2010, Goba is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and partially funded by the state's TNInvestco program.

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