GlobalMed’s eNcounter Platform and CapSure Software Simplify Telemedicine for Providers

eNcounter™ opens and closes workflows, like CapSure® Image Automation Software, easily and quickly, and both work on all GlobalMed® mobile telemedicine stations.

GlobalMed’s eNcounter Platform and CapSure Software Simplify Telemedicine for Providers

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eNcounter™ from allows healthcare providers to focus on patients, not on technology. No more searching a cluttered desktop for the right program. Simply click on an easily identifiable icon to open the desired workflow from a single, simple interface. The preconfigured, integrated workflow makes it unnecessary to close one program before starting another, saving time during a busy patient schedule.

enhances the user-experience, from crystal-clear high-definition imagery to full control at any video-conference endpoint. CapSure simplifies the process of acquiring, storing and forwarding DICOM medical images with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that connects with cloud-based services or other third-party PACS servers.

eNcounter and CapSure work on all GlobalMed telemedicine stations: i8500™, FirstExam™, LiteExam™ and the Transportable Exam Station™. In a few short steps, eNcounter allows a provider to create, schedule and share patient studies through a secure, cloud-based Web site.

“Our vision of quality, timely care for all embodies the spirit of the eNcounter platform,” says Joel E. Barthelemy, Founder and Managing Director of GlobalMed. “One of our goals is to design and implement effective, high functioning innovation engines that simplify the care delivery process. This can really only be achieved through collaboration with clinicians, patients, and cross-functional teams. eNcounter and CapSure 2 are the latest results of those efforts.”

If a physician needs to consult with a specialist and share data and images, both CapSure and CapSure Cloud application can be preconfigured and integrated into eNcounter. Other readily available workflows for eNcounter may include a digital stethoscope, an ECG/EKG, an ultrasound probe, a high-definition video camera, and a host of other options.

For more information and a demonstration of the ease and reliability of eNcounter, visit us at or at 1-800-886-3692.

GlobalMed develops integrated telemedicine solutions for healthcare providers and corporate health programs. Our mission is to transform healthcare globally by developing and integrating secure and efficient health delivery systems that improve access and quality of care, while eliminating unnecessary costs. GlobalMed’s broad array of connected medical devices and patient data workflow systems enable complete patient encounters from the patient location and the doctor to anywhere around the world, via the cloud, across a full range of healthcare specialties.

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