Global Patient Flow Leader TeleTracking Marks 20 Years of Innovation

Celebrating two decades of connecting patient flow to patient care

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 23, 2011 -- TeleTracking Technologies, which created the automated patient flow industry and holds over 80 percent of the installed market with more than 850 healthcare facilities worldwide, is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a global leader in reducing hospital overcrowding and increasing operational efficiency.

Founded in 1991, TeleTracking was first to recognize there is a continuum to patient flow and that eliminating wasted time from that continuum would maximize the use of existing capacity. Since then, TeleTracking's offerings have grown from a single bed management application to an entire suite of automated solutions which create an enterprise–wide platform that gets hospital patients to the right place at the right time for the right care.

Separately and collectively, these solutions enhance efficiency, improve care, save cost and generate revenue, all critical benefits in an era of healthcare reform.  Optimizing flow may be the most immediate way to improve operating margin and control increased demand for access.  Maximizing capacity can add $10 million or more to the bottom line of an average 300-bed hospital, studies show.

"By taking inefficiencies out of the flow process, our solutions add as much as 20 percent more usable capacity without adding a single bed," said Anthony Sanzo, president and CEO of TeleTracking.  "But we've grown far beyond capacity management to become part of the fabric of hospital operations."

Running the business of healthcare

This end-to-end system of patient logistics management touches every aspect of the flow continuum, including patient throughput, asset management, inter-hospital patient transfer and infection control.  Because it is so pervasive, the system yields tremendous amounts of decision-making information. This feature has evolved into an important hospital business tool for everything from staffing needs to new marketing opportunities.

"TeleTracking products not only are improving the business of healthcare in a significant way, they are improving the purpose of healthcare." Sanzo says.  "We take our greatest pride in the ability to connect patient flow with patient care to help people get better."

One example, he said, involves automating the infection alert process to avoid communication breakdowns that expose hospital workers to hospital-acquired infection, an event which can spread HAIs in hospitals.

The company remains at the forefront of patient flow with the help of its 850+ clients, whose feedback and ideas have proven invaluable in developing practical, widely-accepted solutions.  Its BedTracking® software is now the standard for automated bed turnover solutions. The electronic bedboard®, which it pioneered, has replaced the grease board in most large hospitals as the preferred way to manage hospital census.  The industry's first mobile applications for patient flow problems were developed by TeleTracking.  Its best-selling TransferCenter™ solution is transforming referral centers across the nation so they no longer must turn away patients because of capacity issues.  Now it is integrating flow automation and sensor network technology for even more precise tracking of patients and assets.

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