Glaxo stops funding commercial CME; Merck funding $150M non-profit vaccine developer;

> In another sign that drugmakers want to reduce their exposure to payola allegations, GlaxoSmithKline has announced that it will stop funding commercial continuing medical education programs. FiercePharma

> Working with the UK's Wellcome Trust, Merck is funding a $150 million non-profit vaccine developer focused on inexpensive shots for developing countries. FierceVaccines

> Could Hispanics be the next big market for mobile healthcare innovation? Some experts--including former Al Gore spokesman Jonathan Spalter--say there's a big opportunity here to improve this population's health. FierceMobileHealthcare

> A group of UCLA researchers seem to have found a way to make paralyzed rates capable of walking again, using drugs, electrical stimulation and regular exercise. FierceBiotechResearch

And Finally... Hey, buddy, why didn't you just subscribe to Netflix yourself, for heaven's sake? Article