Glaxo could make $2B on H1N1 vaccine in '10; Minnesota providers must submit claims electronically;

> It may be a bad time to be vulnerable to the flu, but it's a good time to be a vaccine maker. Glaxo, for example, could rake in $2.1 billion in sales next year on its H1N1 vaccine. FiercePharma

> Minnesota providers must now submit all claims electronically to private health plans and state healthcare programs, or face up to $25,000 per year in fines. FierceHealthIT

>  Though it only offers incentives for electronic claims submission right now, CMS may begin to reward reporting of clinical data from EMRs through its Physician Quality Reporting Initiative as soon as 2010, the agency says. FierceEMR

> The appointment of Francis Collins to run NIH--who is both a world-renowned geneticist and devout Christian--has stirred up controversy in the scientific world, with some saying that the two sides of his nature simply don't mix. FierceBiotechResearch

And Finally... I'm sorry, this simply sounds too cute to be true. Article