Give patients an honest view of health reform

Guest post by Raymond Hino, interim CEO of Bear Valley Community Healthcare District

I focus a lot of my blog posts on community engagement and maintaining open lines of communication between our community hospitals and the people that we serve. This is an ever-evolving process.

Recently we tried something new to communicate with and educate the public. We held our first ever "Summit on Hospital Finances."

Here is how it went: The program started with an outside speaker bringing into context where the plight of our local hospital is in the greater scheme of the healthcare environment. It was important for our community to know that what is happening in our area is not only a local phenomenon, but happening all across California and our country.

All hospitals and health systems are challenged to change business models, forge new relationships with other providers in the continuum of care, and emphasize quality and outcomes. These are the essentials for all of us if we are to survive under national healthcare reform.

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