Gene therapy could cure HIV; Nanoparticles assist antibiotics;

> Could gene therapy cure HIV? A patient who received a bone-marrow transplant two years ago from someone immune to HIV is apparently HIV-free without taking any drugs. FierceBioResearcher

> Nanoparticles may fight bacteria on multiple levels: by making antibiotics more effective, and also by letting them be used in lower doses, decreasing the chances of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. FierceBioResearcher

> A report released at the AHA's annual scientific sessions found that heart failure accounts for 37 percent of Medicare spending.  Article

> Healthcare Realty Trust, based in Nashville, plans to buy fifteen hospital buildings in the Charlotte, NC area, for a total cost of approximately $162 million. Article

And Finally... Now, to celebrate the election of our new president, how about some Eine Kleine Barackmusik? Video