GAO recommends better state plans for influenza pandemic; Study brings negative results for Vytorin;

> A new study has proved that Vytorin doesn't help patients with heart-valve disease and could even be linked to occurrences of cancer in trial patients. FiercePharma

> After a 5-state, 10-location study, the Government Accountability Office has recommended that HHS, DHS and other federal agencies help states bolster plans in the case of an influenza pandemic. Report

> In a study published in July's Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, about half of 910 surveyed U.S. college students claim to have experienced a form of abuse, typically coming from a partner. Article

> By 2050, climate change could bring more kidney stones to residents of the Midwestern U.S., according to a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report. Increased temperatures could cause people to retain less water, which increases the concentration of salt in the urine, leading to kidney stones. Article

And Finally... This VA nail salon offers a fishy solution to a hygiene issue. Article