Gainesville VA selects Illuminate® to get instant access to patient data

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan., Nov. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida, has purchased Softek Illuminate® to give their radiologists instant access to patient histories as they read new studies as well as give them easy access to their entire patient archive for researching conditions unique to their patient population of U.S. veterans.

Ermon Owens, AO for Imaging, first brought the technology to the attention of the radiologists. "We knew we wanted Illuminate® the moment we first saw its capabilities," said Dr. David Wymer, Chief of Imaging, "and we began working to expedite its purchase. Having a patient's history with lab values and pathology results right at our fingertips will help us make the best diagnosis for that patient. Illuminate® will enable us to meet the day-to-day challenges we face in our effort to provide better care and improve outcomes for our veterans."

The Illuminate® search technology also gives radiologists immediate access to any study and its images in the entire PACS archive, which will help them conduct research into the disease states of veterans, Dr. Wymer added. "We are committed to evaluating and improving care delivery and then publishing our results to help other institutions improve as well."

The addition of Illuminate® follows other recent moves to ensure the hospital's radiology department is providing the highest quality care. VISN 8, the VA network that includes Malcom Randall, is one of only two VA networks in the country with a system-wide, multi-hospital PACS that allows radiologists to analyze images from any location. It also is one of less than 100 facilities to use a 320-slice CT scanner, which in many cases can take the place of more invasive procedures and provide advanced imaging into disease states.

"We are proud to be selected by another VA hospital investing in solutions to help clinicians work faster and smarter," said Softek CEO Matt McLenon. Illuminate® is also in use at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. "Softek is committed to moving healthcare IT forward with innovations that provide access to the mountain of information stored in the EMR and truly improve patient care."

Illuminate's search, data aggregation and notification applications improve clinical and business practices for radiology and pathology.

Illuminate® will be demonstrated at RSNA 2012 in booth #9141.

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