Flu stocks on the rise as disease spreads; Public drug library offers fertile field for researchers;

> The world may be waiting for WHO to determine whether the swine flu outbreak is indeed a pandemic, but investors aren't waiting to place their money on "yes." Pharma stocks in general are on the rise, despite an overall downward trend. And companies with direct flu links are rising even more. FiercePharma

> The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has one of the largest public drug libraries in the world. And the stockpile of more than 3,000 drugs has proven a fertile field for researchers exploring new uses for old compounds. FierceBioResearcher

> With swine flu leaping international boundaries at an accelerated pace, FDA authorized broader use of the antivirals Tamiflu (Roche) and Relenza (GlaxoSmithKline)--and allowed a broader cross-section of professionals and volunteers to distribute the meds. Now, some public health officials and volunteers can hand out the prescription drugs, rather than just doctors and P.A.'s. FiercePharma

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