Flu shot use relatively low

A new survey from market research firm Synovate has found that less than half of U.S. citizens got the flu vaccine during the last few months, a number falling far short of federal targets. 

While younger people were markedly less likely to get the vaccine, the gap exists even among vulnerable older Americans age 65-plus. Research found that 80 percent of older Americans received a flu jab during this period, below the federal government's target of 90 percent.

Among those who had at least one dependent, 74 percent got a flu vaccine from a pediatrician's office. Those who didn't have dependents got vaccinated largely at their doctor's office (43 percent) or at work (23 percent).

Only 10 percent were vaccinated at a pharmacy, and 4 percent at a retail clinic, raising questions as to whether patients aren't motivated simply by convenience when they get the flu vaccine.

To learn more about this research:
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