Fla. hospital releases MERS patient; Tenet rebrands urgent care centers nationwide;

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> A Florida hospital released one of the three patients in the U.S. diagnosed with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) this week, after the 44-year-old from Saudi Arabia tested negative for the virus, Bloomberg Businessweek reported. Article

> In an effort to offer more outpatient services, Texas-based Tenet Healthcare Corp. rebranded its urgent care centers into a national network called MedPost Urgent Care, Dallas News reported. Article

> An audit revealed that another Department of Veterans Affairs hospital, this one in Gainesville, Florida, used a separate paper list to keep track of veterans who needed follow-up appointments, adding to claims that facilities nationwide covered up potentially deadly delays in care, according to CNN. Article

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> Hospitals in states that expanded Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act may get paid to care for patients that were previously uninsured, but it could come with a catch: The patients are sicker and will stay in the hospital longer. Article

> The Obama administration gave the go-ahead for placing hard payment caps on certain medical procedures--a practice that could limit how much hospitals receive in reimbursement and place more strain on patients already struggling to cover out-of-pocket costs. Article

And Finally... McDonald's munchies. Article