Five more states join health reform lawsuit; Integrating images into PHRs often requires complex work-arounds;

> With the additions of Arizona, Mississippi, Nevada, North Dakota and the aforementioned Indiana, the number of states attached to the Florida-based federal lawsuit calling health reform unconstitutional has climbed to 17. Article

> Lack of vendor support for the complex task of integrating radiology images into personal health records may be holding back wider health information exchange, if the experience of one German hospital is any indication. FierceEMR

> The glare of the national spotlight was too much for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, which reversed its decision not to provide health insurance for a newborn--the so-called "Crowley baby"--after initially denying coverage because the infant required surgery for a heart defect (i.e., a pre-existing condition). FierceHealthPayer

And Finally... The boy's heart was in the right place. Article