Fitch describes non-profit hospitals that will do well post-reform; BlackBerrys link organ donors, recipients in UK;

> While specifics of health reform remain gauzy at best, financial research firm Fitch Ratings has already developed a profile for the kind of non-profits that will survive health reform as it's currently emerging. FierceHealthFinance

> A health trust in Birmingham, England, has begun a two-month trial of transplant coordination on BlackBerrys to help match liver donors to recipients as quickly as possible. With technology from application developer Airpoint, the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust has created a secure, online database that transplant coordinators and surgeons can tap into and search whenever a donor organ becomes available. FierceMobileHealthcare

> Hospital Impact's Christopher Cornue talks about a recent discussion he had with a friend of his--Stephen M. R. Covey--based on the importance of trust in all healthcare organizations. Hospital Impact

> The Austrian vacation home of Novartis CEO Daniel Vasella (photo) was set on fire early Monday morning. Austrian police have not announced any conclusive findings, but Novartis spokeswoman Isabel Guerra has revealed that there was a professional fire accelerant found at the scene. FierceBiotech

And Finally... So, does this mean it would be redundant to say that Obama is cool? Article