First Objective Tool Measuring Capabilities of Hospitalist Programs Officially Launched for Use by Hospital and Physician Leaders

Greeno-Hawley Hospital Medicine Index to Help Hospitalist Programs Achieve Optimal Performance

First Objective Tool Measuring Capabilities of Hospitalist Programs Officially Launched for Use by Hospital and Physician Leaders

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, a national leader in the field of hospital medicine and critical care medicine, announced today the official launch of the , the first objective tool designed to measure the capabilities of a hospitalist program.

Since unveiling the development of the Greeno-Hawley Index in April 2012, nearly 100 hospitals across the nation have signed up to be the first organizations to use the tool. The Greeno-Hawley Index was developed over the past five years by an innovation team at Cogent HMG, leveraging the best demonstrated practices of hundreds of Hospital Medicine programs reviewed by Ron Greeno M.D., M.H.M., and Beth Hawley, F.A.C.H.E., two of the industry’s most recognized experts.

“The high level of interest among hospitals around the Greeno-Hawley Index has been encouraging,” said Greeno. “It’s clear that hospitals are seeking a higher level of performance and standardization out of their hospitalist programs, especially in an era of healthcare where providers must improve quality, safety, cost efficiency and patient satisfaction to thrive.”

The Greeno-Hawley Hospital Medicine Index is designed to help hospitals identify strengths and weaknesses of their Hospital Medicine program, as benchmarked against the best designed programs across the nation. Cogent HMG is offering the Index, online at , to all hospitals at no cost, in an effort to advance the Hospitalist specialty and to create some necessary standardization across the industry.

“The Triple Aim of healthcare reform is driving healthcare organizations to rely increasingly on hospitalists and other site-based specialists to help them manage costs, increase quality, and transition to a more integrated industry,” said Hawley. “The Greeno-Hawley Index is a great tool to help identify areas of strength and areas of opportunity toward delivering that end.”

The Greeno-Hawley Hospital Medicine Index uses an assessment comprised of questions in five categories that are essential to any high performing Hospital Medicine program, including Alignment, Performance Management, Infrastructure, Operational Processes, and Leadership & People.

Once the online assessment has been completed, a quantitative score is provided along with an illustrative interpretation of the program’s current state. This guides hospitalist program managers as to what capabilities are needed to move toward an optimally functioning program. For more information, visit .

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