First Mobile Website for Healthcare Staffing Industry Created by Staffing Robot

Medical Solutions selects Staffing Robot to create first medical staffing mobile website

PORTLAND, Ore., June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Staffing Robot, a website design and marketing agency for the healthcare staffing industry, announced the release of the first healthcare staffing mobile website for a leading medical staffing company - Medical Solutions.

"As a web development and services company for the healthcare staffing industry, Staffing Robot seeks out innovative leaders in the space," said Jason Lander, Founder and Chief Promoter. "We couldn't have found a better company to partner with for developing the first mobile website in the medical staffing industry than Medical Solutions. They recognized the opportunity to provide their services in a mobile environment and stepped up to the challenge of advancing the industry."

The new mobile website helps Medical Solutions provide their clients and healthcare professionals easy access to the most popular and relevant services of their new website through their mobile devices. The mobile website looks and performs like any phone app found on most smartphones, with the key difference being that it is accessed via the web, not through any specific device or platform. The mobile site provides quick, convenient access to key information such as a newly designed job search and easy nurse application format, educational and testimonial videos, news and announcements, and important information about Medical Solutions.

"Being able to outsource our website development to Staffing Robot has freed us to think more strategically while remaining focused on our day to day objectives," said Dale Williams, Medical Solutions co-founder. "We needed a company that understood our audience and our industry, and could assist us with the technical challenges of a project this size. I couldn't be more pleased with our choice to partner with Staffing Robot on this endeavor."

In addition, Staffing Robot built a new website for medical solutions. A visitor to the site is given either the desktop or the mobile experience based on whether they access the site with a desktop computer or mobile device. The new website puts the voice of the healthcare travelers up front by letting them share their travel nursing experiences. Healthcare travelers that want to participate on the site create accounts at or sign up through Facebook.

SOURCE Staffing Robot