First APM in Community Pharmacy at PA Store

BETHEL PARK, Pa., April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Customers of Pharmacy now have the option to pick up prescriptions as quickly and easily as they get cash: Med-Fast is the first community pharmacy in the United States to launch Parata APM(TM) -- an automated product machine that offers safe, secure, private self-service pickup for prescriptions, 24 hours a day.

Parata APM works like a bank ATM, but instead of money it holds finished prescriptions that have been prepared and verified by the pharmacy, according to Doug Kaleugher, R.Ph., Med-Fast's owner. One important advantage of Parata APM, Kaleugher said, is that it ensures every customer is prompted for pharmacist counseling, even when the pharmacy is closed.

Med-Fast is introducing the self-service kiosk to offer its customers greater speed and flexibility when picking up prescriptions from the fast- growing pharmacy, located in Shop 'N Save at 5001 Library Road in Bethel Park.

"We are always looking for new technologies to improve convenience and safety for our customers," Kaleugher said. "Parata APM is a great new opportunity for customers with familiar medication regimens to get their prescriptions and go, while giving patients who require additional counseling and support greater access to our pharmacy team."

To use the APM, Med-Fast customers simply register at the pharmacy counter and receive a personal identification number. They then notify the pharmacy when they want their prescriptions placed in Parata APM. At pickup, the customer enters the PIN, along with other identifying information, selects the prescription(s) to be picked up, pays electronically and retrieves the prescription(s), previously prepared and verified by the pharmacy, from the machine. Parata APM reduces clutter and confusion at pickup and ensures more complete, accurate orders.

"Med-Fast is leading the future vision of pharmacy, continually leveraging technology to meet and exceed customers' expectations for fast, accurate service, and access to their pharmacy team," Tom Rhoads, executive vice president of Parata, says. "Parata is committed to helping pharmacies like Med-Fast make the transformation from fulfillers to providers with technology solutions that enhance safety and convenience at key touch points. Parata APM plays an exciting part in that strategy by changing the way prescriptions are served to customers."

About Med-Fast Pharmacy - Bethel Park

Med-Fast Pharmacy is Pittsburgh's largest independent pharmacy. With 20 retail locations and free delivery, Med-Fast guarantees the lowest prices of any local pharmacy. Med-Fast built its reputation on customer service. It is open seven-days a week, with 24-hour prescription pick up and emergency service. For more information contact Med-Fast at 1-877-633-7945.

About Parata Systems

Durham, N.C.-based Parata Systems, LLC, offers industry-leading technology that improves safety and convenience at key touch points in the circle of pharmacy care:

To learn more call, click or visit Parata Systems, , [email protected], 1-888-PARATA1 (727-2821).

SOURCE Parata Systems, LLC

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