Fired DWI CEO sues hospital for breach of contract

Former CEO of Slidell (La.) Memorial Hospital is suing the hospital for breach of contract after letting go Robert L. "Bob" Hawley Jr., following his second drunk driving offense, reports The Times-Picayune. Hawley filed suit last week, arguing that the board dismissed him for invalid reasons and that he is due wages.

Hawley, named one of FierceHealthcare's 10 notorious healthcare execs this year, was arrested in 2005 for a driving while intoxicated and again in July for another DWI. After the second time in six years, the board unanimously voted to dismiss Hawley, who pleaded not guilty.

However, the lawsuit argues that according to the employment agreement, termination can result only from voluntary resignation, disability termination, death, conflict of interest, felony conviction, prohibited conduct, or use of confidential information, according to the article.

The board said that the former chief exec failed to abide by company rules and policies, which Hawley argues is not a valid reason for dismissal, according to the lawsuit.

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