After declaring the opioid epidemic a public health emergency, President Donald Trump plans to slash the Office of National Drug Control Policy budget.…

In the year leading up to an election, state regulators are much less likely to take action against failing insurance companies.

The House passed a short-term spending bill, but a divided Senate may lead U.S. to a government shutdown.

A judge said Olympus failed to properly disclose internal emails that raised safety concerns about a redesigned medical scope as early as 2008.

CMS will form an interagency group to take a look at the regulatory barriers posed by federal antikickback laws.

Calling it the "most pressing priority" for family physicians, the AAFP has adopted a host of principles aimed at reducing administrative burden.

House Republicans are trying to lock in votes today on a short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown.

HHS lacks the funds it needs to combat public health threats, says Robert Kadlec, M.D., assistant secretary for preparedness and response.

Healthcare provider groups are hitting back against new policies from Anthem that they claim will harm both patients and physicians.