FDA slammed over tainted syringes; Will pharma reps go extinct?;

> A leading newspaper in North Carolina is reporting that the FDA ignored reports of contamination at a syringe facility previously linked to deaths from tainted products. FiercePharma

> Tired of seeing the ubiquitous pharma rep in your office? Within 10 years, they may be "obsolete," according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. FiercePharma

> A biotech firm has announced that it's successfully completed a Phase I clinical trial for the West Nile virus. FierceVaccines

> New research suggests than only 11 percent of more than 2,700 established heart treatment recommendations are backed by rigorous scientific testing, despite the fact that reputable heart disease research is widely available. Article

And Finally... It was 1,382 cans of beer on a boat, 1,382 cans of beer...you take one down, and pass it around...you get the idea. Article