FDA launches Bad Ad Program; After the earthquake in Haiti, healthcare for the poor has improved;

> The FDA launched a new program Tuesday to educate healthcare providers about their role in ensuring that prescription drug advertising and promotion is truthful and not misleading. And the agency gave the outreach effort an apt name: The Bad Ad Program. FiercePharma

> Prior to the January earthquake that devastated Haiti, poor citizens were likely to get bad healthcare treatment, if any at all. Now, reports the Associated Press, foreign volunteers, donated medicine and free hospitals are giving those same impoverished citizens some of the best care they've ever received. Article

> Missouri has a new law that requires insurers to pay or deny clean claims submitted by hospitals, physicians and other providers within 45 days of receipt--or face a daily penalty to the provider of 1 percent of the outstanding claim. FierceHealthPayer

And Finally... Maybe these two should practice what they preach. Article