FDA approves new hep C pill; One question could flag high-risk psych patients;

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> The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved a pill that is expected to make hepatitis C treatment more efficient and less onerous, the New York Times reports. Article

> A single response to a specific question may flag patients at high risk for suicide, according to a study published in Psychiatric Services. Abstract

> Inadequate control of epileptic seizures correlates with lower quality of life and increased healthcare costs, according to new research, News Medical reports. Article

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> Young people may yet come forward in droves to buy coverage on the health insurance exchanges, according to the Washington Post, balancing the financial risks of covering an influx of older, sicklier Americans. Article

> Most Americans insured through exchanges who reach out-of-pocket maximums will be underinsured, despite Affordable Care Act subsidies and lower out-of-pocket caps, according to an analysis by Avalere Health. Article

And finally…The secret to a long life. Article