In the face of disruption, healthcare must adapt to change

The healthcare industry is poised for disruption; hospitals and health systems that survive during the turmoil will adjust their business models and practices in the face of these changes and external threats, according to a post on Becker's Hospital Review. The article points to the success of Steve Jobs who revitalized Apple in the 1990s, but didn't initially disrupt the industry. Hospitals must follow a theory known as adaptive design that helps organizations successfully adapt their practices in the face of change while lowering costs and providing patients with the care they need. "Your future success is not dependent on what you have done in the past or are doing now, but rather on how you adapt what you are doing to a constantly changing environment," John Kenagy, M.D. told Becker's. "Innovation in healthcare will happen. For you and your organization, that innovation will be either disruptive or adaptive. It's your choice." Article