Experts to Discuss Bridging Health Care Divides at the 2012 Colorado Health Symposium

‘Health Equity’ to be the focus of annual health policy conference

Experts to Discuss Bridging Health Care Divides at the 2012 Colorado Health Symposium

Colorado Health Foundation

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With fresh perspectives from dynamic speakers, the convenes July 25-27 at Keystone Resort & Conference Center.

The theme of this year’s Symposium, “Health Equity: Bridging the Divides,” focuses on real-world solutions to challenges in health and health care. In recent years, economic uncertainties have imposed financial burdens on our health systems and services as more people join the ranks of the poor and the unemployed. But it’s not just those who live in abject poverty who suffer when people lack affordable health insurance, quality medical care or good choices. Poor health undermines our country’s fiscal health and ultimately impacts every U.S. citizen.

Setting the tone for a more equitable future, the three-day conference will challenge presenters and participants to define opportunities for greater affordability, access and choice – resulting in enhanced productivity, reduced health care costs and, ultimately, improved lives.

The lineup for the Symposium, now entering its 31 year, illustrates why the event is regarded as one of the leading health policy conferences in the country. This year’s speakers include:

–A New Jersey doctor who developed the groundbreaking “hotspot” health care model, Dr. Brenner’s innovative approach was recently profiled on the PBS news show “.”

–Known as “the Southern pastor who banned fried chicken in his church,” Minor is a champion of faith-based health and wellness mobilization. Learn more about Minor’s efforts in this .

– Moore is the author of “The Other Wes Moore,” a best-selling book in which he compares his life with the very different life of another man with the same name who grew up in the same decaying city. In his book, Moore explores the social determinants that might explain why their paths diverged. His story was featured on “.”

Along with the aforementioned speakers, the Symposium will feature an impressive roster of national thought leaders, discovery sessions and events that will engage, entertain and provoke discussion. Among the events is an Oxford-style debate (or “food fight”) about the government’s role in food policy in the United States.

"The uncertainty and challenges surrounding health and health care are well-documented," says , president and CEO of the , which hosts the annual event. "While it’s important to understand the social and economic factors that Colorado and the nation face, it’s also important to learn about innovative approaches that could potentially shape our future. I’m pleased to say this year’s Symposium will give participants a chance to uncover potential solutions from many different angles.”

With more than 450 people registered, the Symposium is sold out, but space is available for credentialed media. For those who cannot attend, the Foundation offers a number of social media opportunities to allow anyone to follow the conversation, including: