Exec says off-label marketing 'part of the culture' at Pfizer; Will providers benefit from reform?;

> Not a pretty picture: According to an ex-sales manager, off-label drug marketing is "part of the culture" at Pfizer. FiercePharma

> Many healthcare providers have assumed that health reform will be largely a good thing for their bottom line--but perhaps that's not quite the truth. FierceHealthFinance

> With finances in chaos, hospitals have cut back on the supply of strategic executives. This is understandable, but it may be dangerously short-sighted, suggests Christopher Cornue. Hospital Impact

> Providers aren't resisting electronic medical records because they're overwhelmed by cost or fear of new technology, they're simply trying to keep existing inefficiencies in place. That's the controversial argument advanced by technology guru Andy Kessler, at least. FierceEMR

And Finally... This cat has spunk...but maybe its judgment isn't so great. Article