ER wait times are inconsistent; Healthcare leaders defend 340B program;

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> Broad research shows hospitals across the country have varying emergency room wait times. The trend of increasing ER waiting time is due to both a surge of patients and hospital inadequacies, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer. Article

> Although healthcare reform forbids physician-owned hospitals from accepting Medicare and Medicaid patients, physician-owned hospitals in North Texas have innovated ways to expand, according to The Dallas News. Article

> Healthcare leaders scrutinize a Wall Street Journal op-ed's claim that hospitals misuse the 340B program by purchasing smaller practices that qualify for 340B pricing, arguing that the 340B program expands cancer care in hospitals to patients with lower resources, according to letters to the editor. Article

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> An iPad voice output app is being developed by University of Kansas researchers under a $1.2 million grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders in order to determine if the technology is effective in improving the social skills of children with autism, according to an announcement. Article

> A new report from IDC Health Insights provides a framework of stages, critical measures, outcomes, and actions required for healthcare organizations to "effectively advance along the successive stages of mobility competency toward a culture of mobile engagement."  Article

And Finally… Find out what your preference for spicy food says about how you handle risk. Article