ER redesign cuts ICU admissions for seniors; Baltimore unrest affects healthcare;

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> Overhauling the geriatric emergency department at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York may have cut intensive care unit admissions among elderly patients, according to a study in Health Affairs. Study abstract

> NPR explores how recent turmoil in Baltimore affected healthcare. Article

> Los Angeles-based Prospect Medical Holdings has expressed interest in acquiring Connecticut's embattled Waterbury Hospital after Tenet withdrew from a deal to purchase it, CTNow reports. Article

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> Healthcare delivery in its current state may have something in common with purchasing a bad car, according to Jeffrey W. Jones, a managing director with Huron Healthcare, a Chicago-based consulting group. Article

> Has the feverish level of mergers and acquisitions within the hospital sector created unbearable pressures to raise the overall price of healthcare? Article

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> Iowa, New Mexico and nearly a dozen other states have begun offering incentives to Medicaid beneficiaries to help them make healthier decisions and, in turn, save the program money, reported Kaiser Health News. Article

And Finally… Never kiss and tell. Article