EHEALTHforum Glams up its online ad strategy

EHEALTHforum Partners with Glam Media Network, the No. 1 in reach for women online, for exclusive advertising deal In an exclusive partnership arrangement announced today, Glam Media will represent premium ad inventory for EHEALTHforum's categories for women's health and pregnancy. As well as increasing traffic, the co-branded deal will bring EHEALTHforum volumes of extra information from Glam Media's network of over 500 lifestyle websites, blogs and online magazines. Glam Media will also leverage EHEALTHforum's medical related online content inventory for advertisers and on the Wellness channel. Both parties are formidable worldwide online resources. EHEALTHforum has over 1.25 million unique users per month, over 70 percent of which are women. Glam Media is the category leader for women in the United States and in the U.K*, with more than four and a half million unique visitors in the U.K. recorded in February 2008. Glam Media's distributed media network model has a reach of 64 million unique monthly visitors globally (*source: comScore Media Metrix). "Co-branding with Glam Media will not only generate heightened awareness for EHEALTHforum on a global scale, it will provide a significant revenue share programme for both parties. This is a classic example of 21st Century online media collaboration. In this day and age it is essential to move away from the single site ad network model and embrace a wider audience," said Lewis Lurie, CEO of EHEALTHforum. Online forums are a prime target for advertisers because the discussion topics are so specific and can be directly matched to ad campaigns. By monitoring explicit and implicit user behaviour, Glam will significantly enhance the relevancy of advertising offerings pertinent to users of EHEALTHforum's women's and pregnancy sections. Anticipated results include higher click through rates and pre-qualified lead generation as well as an increase in the perceived value of the products or services advertised. "We are thrilled to partner with an innovative and respected health and wellness brand like EHEALTHforum," said Shakeel Mughal, Commercial Director of Glam Media U.K. "Our distributed media network enables brands to reach one of the largest and engaged female audiences on the web." Glam Media's distributed media network continues to enjoy success and experience significant growth both in traffic to Glam-owned-and -operated properties and via the reach of its publisher network of 450+ lifestyle websites and blogs. Glam Media's highly select network of publishers benefit from premium advertising rates, brand awareness and visibility. In the USA, Glam Media reaches more than 1 of 10 women in the coveted 18+ demographic across the country. This amounts to more reach than any magazine, radio or daytime television show can provide.