eHealth Initiative CEO Bordenick: Patients could drive health data sharing by providers

Thanks to health IT, healthcare providers and other stakeholders are sitting on mountains of information--but it has yet to be mined to yield its full riches, according to Jennifer Covich Bordenick (pictured), CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based eHealth Initiative, an independent, nonprofit organization geared toward improving healthcare quality and safety through the use of technology.

Bordenick told FierceHealthIT, among the challenges are how to best analyze and share data when it's "sitting in lots of little buckets." Within a hospital system, for example, different departments control their own data. Different stakeholders maintain their own information. Even when data-sharing is possible, according to Bordenick, issues of trust linger over data security and the quality of data maintained in another silo. --Read the full article on FierceHealthIT