Editor's Corner

Jeff GieseaPublisher's Note

As you know, information technology is transforming the healthcare industry and swallowing more and more of our spending -- $40 billion by 2008. To help you maximize ROI on your IT investments, FierceMarkets today launched a new newsletter called FierceHealthIT. In one email per week, FierceHealthIT delivers a time-saving briefing on the latest trends, case studies, and best practices related to healthcare IT. Check it out at www.fiercehealthit.com and be sure to sign up for a complementary subscription.

As FierceMarkets continues to grow, I want to express my appreciation for your support. Your readership and attention mean a lot to us, and we take your feedback seriously. With the launch of FierceHealthIT, we now have 15 total publications and 375,000 total subscribers. We are particularly eager to expand our presence in the healthcare and biotech industries. Earlier this month, we relaunched FierceHealthcare and added our new editors Anne Zieger and Maureen Martino, whose coverage I hope you're enjoying. Next on our list is FierceBioResearcher, a weekly update for biopharma researchers which we will launch early next month. So much for a relaxing summer! For a complete list of our publications, visit www.fiercemarkets.com/newsletters. Thanks again for your support.

Jeff Giesea

p.s. As always, feel free to email me any rants, raves, or questions at [email protected]