Editor's Corner

As FierceHealthIT readers may already know, we're getting geared up to name what we consider the top 15 most innovative health IT vendors; We'll be doing that in late February of next year. The list will focus on emerging private companies with a great story to tell and products that really make a difference, not only to health organizations but ideally, to the health system as a whole.

As part of our preparations, we'd like to ask for your help in finding the best and brightest. We want to know what you consider to be the most inspired, useful and cost-effective health IT technologies out there today. I'd particularly love to know what providers, consultants or IT staffers with their hands in the works every day would like to see created. A cell phone that prints EKG tracings?   Voice-driven physician order entry-systems? AI systems that understand HIPAA requirements? Write to me and let me know--I'll look forward to reading your responses. -Anne