Editor's Corner

Today, I'm proud to say, our sister publication FierceHealthIT is announcing its first-annual list of Health IT Innovators. The companies we've named are rising stars with provocative takes on critical industry problems, and we think you'll enjoy learning about them. I know we did. Click here to see the winners.

As you'll see, several are helping providers connect with consumers--with features like clinically-oriented interactive TV and patient self-management of chronic disease--but others are just getting the nuts-and-bolts work of healthcare IT done. All are privately held, and a few are quite small, but each has ideas and momentum behind them. 

Even if you're not a technical type yourself, you'll probably find something of interest on the list. Perhaps it will be the tiny but growing firm creating a new "body area network" to help doctors monitor patients remotely. Maybe you'll be intrigued by the software firm which will offer consumers (and doctors) an automated "second opinion" drawn directly from medical textbooks. Or you might just want a vendor to figure out how to make your practice more enjoyable or get you paid more quickly. They're on the winner's list, too.

Regardless, we'd love your critiques, comments and queries on our Health IT Innovators list, so we encourage you to check it out. We hope you find it stimulating, challenging and most importantly, useful. And while you're reading, get prepared for our upcoming list of Hospital Innovators (individual hospitals or health systems), which will come out in May. We're finishing our research now, so please feel free to suggest potential winners. - Anne