E*HealthLine - Reduces Health Care Administrative Cost, While Increasing Efficiency


E*HealthLine - Reduces Health Care Administrative Cost, While Increasing Efficiency


E*HealthLine's -EClaims© Intelligent Integrated Claims System, increases providers payments, while reducing the health plan's administrative cost.



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Sacramento, California March 13, 2009 -- E*Healthline.com, Inc. Announced today EClaims© and EScan© a comprehensive electronic Intelligent Integrated Claims Data Entry & Claims Processing Information System solution, providing healthcare organizations with real-time accurate billing and claims processing.


EClaims© and EScan© Captures CMS 1500, UB 04 & ADA forms daily, by facsimile and scanning/imaging documents. The output data is formatted into the required HIPAA EDI format.


Hospitals and doctors devote roughly one-fourth of their resources to dealing with insurance paperwork.  With EClaims© and EScan©,   this administrative cost is substantially reduced.


This innovative technology immediately recognizes annual cost savings of near 70%, with a turn around time of 24 hours.   Auto-adjudication improvement is calculated from 30% to 90%, with an approximate 90% reduction in turnaround time, while reducing the overall accounts receivable days.


E*HEALTHLINE, A web-based solution, integrates the Client's many geographically dispersed offices, enabling an outreach of performance to all medical claims processing services including full mailroom services, data entry, storage and retrieval.  This intense procedure significantly increases the ability to process additional documents requiring auto adjudication. This solution essentially created a paperless (image only) environment for the client. This seamless and comprehensive network has grown to encompass the entire claims processing cycle.


About E*HealthLine


The E*HealthLine Enterprise web based solutions represents "state of the art" electronic clinical, financial and administrative information management tools, delivering "real-time" information, while optimizing workflow, and accelerating decision-making during vital diagnosis.  The System's unique functionalities facilitate an overall improvement for patient care. The company's business model is comprised of thirteen (13) main HIPAA complaint Integrated Healthcare Information Management Systems. These comprehensive Healthcare Management Systems are offered as an Application Server Provider (ASP) or licensed model.  Each System can be utilized independently or as a fully integrated network.  E*HealthLine's Systems applications include; Vital© - Personal Health Records, EPrescribe©- Integrated Prescription Writer and Electronic Medical Records. Phoenix©- Integrated Practice Management System, Eternity© -Integrated Health Plan System, Hope© - Disaster Information Management System, Enrollment System, Preventive© - Preventive Care System, ISIS© - Hospital Information System, EDIMS© - Emergency Department Information Management System, Sphinx© - Financial Management System and OTIMS© -Operating Theatre System

The Company's business units provide unique solutions that inform, connect and transform E*HealthLine's award-winning software applications. 


 To learn more, please visit E*HealthLine on the Web at http://www.ehealthline.com/



Mary Johnson

E*Healthline.com, Inc.

VP Public Relations