Dr. Prashanth Manjunath Joins Bingham Memorial Hospital’s Idaho Pain Group

Dr. Prashanth Manjunath Joins Bingham Memorial Hospital’s Idaho Pain Group

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Bingham Memorial Hospital today announced the addition of Dr. Prashanth Manjunath to its Idaho Pain Group, a physicians group offering a multidisciplinary approach to pain management. Bringing added expertise to the team of already highly qualified physicians, Dr. Manjunath and the Idaho Pain Group collaborate to control and resolve chronic and acute pain for residents of east Idaho.

Dr. Manjunath completed his residency at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, moving on to fulfill one of the most prestigious pain fellowship programs in the country at Harvard Medical School where he gained thousands of hours experience working with world-renowned physicians.

“Finding a physician of Dr. Manjunath’s stature is rare,” said Louis Kraml, CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital. “Many pain management clinics focus on one treatment option, ignoring alternatives and sometimes failing to address the root cause of the pain. We seek to resolve all of our patients’ pain concerns and Dr. Manjunath’s expertise will bring new hope for patients suffering from chronic and acute pain.”

Dr. Manjunath’s exceptional medical credentials brought him opportunities all over the country but Dr. Manjunath was attracted to Bingham Memorial because of its unique multidisciplinary approach to pain management.

“Bingham Memorial’s Idaho Pain Group takes an approach to pain management that distinguishes it from pain clinics across the country,” said Dr. Manjunath. “Recognizing that a comprehensive management plan can involve many disciplines, our program includes neurology, neurosurgery, sleep specialists and others to ensure patients are receiving the best care. We know that provides a better outcome for every patient.”

Bingham Memorial Hospital encourages area residents to evaluate their pain and come into the clinic before pain becomes chronic.

“Chronic pain can be managed and it can also be prevented,” said Dr. Manjunath. “In the first few weeks or months, there is a much better opportunity to resolve pain completely and we urge those who are experiencing back pain or migraines or other types of pain to come in and be evaluated. For those suffering from chronic pain, be assured that there is help and your pain can be controlled.”

If you are living with pain and are seeking care, schedule an appointment with Bingham Memorial Hospital’s Idaho Pain Group by calling 782-3701.

Bingham Memorial Hospital is a 501(c)3 non-profit critical access hospital located in Blackfoot, Idaho. Bingham Memorial Hospital is committed to the pursuit of excellence in our endeavor to provide a continuum of quality, compassionate, healthcare services for residents and visitors to east Idaho, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

The Idaho Pain Group works to improve the quality of life for patients who suffer from any kind of acute or chronic pain. The group’s world-class specialists include doctors certified in Anesthesiology, Pain Management, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Physiatry, Clinical Psychology and more. The Pain Group’s unique, multidisciplinary approach provides a personalized treatment plan to help manage and control each patient’s pain.