Dr. Jason Bhan: Social media allows us to become more efficient

FierceHealthcare recently got the opportunity to talk with Dr. Jason Bhan, a practicing family physician co-founder of Ozmosis: The Trusted Physician's Network. Prior to starting Ozmosis, Dr. Bhan served as a consultant and medical adviser to Medsite, where he helped develop the company's core strategy for e-detailing and online physician retention. Dr. Bhan also served as the Medical and Technology Officer for VirtualMed, Inc. and helped launch MiamiHealth.com, which provided physicians with an online presence.

We asked Dr. Bhan about the early days of Ozmosis, as well as his opinions on physicians migrating online and healthcare reform.

FierceHealthcare: Please briefly explain what Ozmosis is for people who might not have heard of it.

Jason Bhan: The concept behind Ozmosis is that physicians need a place where they can exchange medical, clinical, practice management and policy information, discuss cases, review journal articles or any other information on the web in a trusted environment; somewhere where there aren't other eyes looking in, and they can be assured that the other people they're talking to on the site are, in fact, physicians, peers or colleagues.