Dossia Joins Forces With Patient PAL to Provide Individuals With Tools Necessary to Put Them at the Center of Their Health

Leading health management system provider integrates with leading patient advocacy service to empower individuals with tools to enable them to obtain higher quality healthcare

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Dossia, a leading health management system provider, today announced a strategic alliance with patient advocacy service provider Patient PAL to offer an effective solution to improve the quality of care and overall healthcare experience of users. The joint solution will allow individuals to better navigate the healthcare system and provide users with services that will enable them to make better health and healthcare decisions, leading to higher value care and lower out-of-pocket expenses. The Patient PAL solution will now be available to Dossia users through the Marketplace in the Dossia Health Manager.

The capabilities that the Patient PAL solution now provides to Dossia users include:

  • Assist members with securing second opinions and schedule appointment with hard-to-access physicians
  • Assist in resolving errors in claim denials or billing issues
  • Steer patients from unnecessary ER visits and into engagement with PCP
  • Enable users to pursue a healthy lifestyle, prevent disease, manage chronic conditions, reducing need for excessive cost/care
  • Identify and suggest high value procedures and providers
  • Refer patients to appropriate specialists
  • Arrange for emergency transportation (including medical air transport), home health care, delivery of medical equipment, etc.

“As high-deductible health plans and purchases of customized healthcare services become more prevalent, it is imperative for individuals to be armed with the types of services offered jointly by Dossia and Patient PAL so they can identify and demand higher quality care,” said Dossia CEO Mike Critelli. “Dossia is very pleased to be working with Patient PAL to bring these necessary services to Dossia users.”

Patient PAL is focused on providing clients and their family members with expedited access to health care services. The Patient PAL service model prides itself on assisting its members in navigating through the complex health care system and will cooperate with the provider network and the client to ascertain the most beneficial outcome possible on behalf of the patient. With many health care issues that arise unexpectedly, the Patient PAL advantage makes dealing with chronic health conditions, emergencies, major surgeries, catastrophic health events, and a myriad of other health care related issues, much less stressful for patients and their families. As is Dossia’s aim, Patient PAL desires to empower the patient while “Compassion is our Focus, Prompt Service is our Standard, and the Patient Always Comes First.”

“Patient PAL users now have the benefit of Dossia’s revolutionary technology based Health Management System that has taken years to develop by some of the nation’s leading Fortune 100 companies. The advancement of the Dossia program will only enhance the effect of the Patient PAL service model and will bring an added and indispensable value to our own population base,” affirmed President and CEO of Patient PAL, Jack G. London. “We are excited about the opportunity that this association brings to our current members and members to be.”

The Dossia Health Management System was launched in the summer of 2011 and included a wide variety of new capabilities. Dossia’s intelligent platform is able to suggest tools and content based on the information that enters a user’s record. Dossia further augments the value of these solutions by adding a layer of game and social dynamics, incentives and messaging in order to foster sustained user engagement, behavior change and value to employers. Additionally, Dossia currently offers an extensive ecosystem of third party applications that address all aspects of a user’s health and healthcare.

About Dossia

Dossia is a non-profit organization consisting of several large U.S. employers who have united under a common vision: to empower their employees to make smarter more informed decisions about their healthcare. Through Dossia, they will leverage their combined influence to break down barriers to health information, which will help drive consumer-initiated change. The Dossia Founders group includes AT&T, Applied Materials, BP America, Cardinal Health, Intel, NantWorks, Pitney Bowes, sanofi-aventis, Vanguard Health Systems and Walmart. For more information, visit

About Patient PAL

Patient PAL™ has developed relationships with Centers of Excellence from a national perspective of favorable outcomes for the most complex healthcare maladies known. was created and, as a result of fortunate opportunities and nationwide recognition, it has been established as one of the leading advocacy firms in the United States with assistance provided for over 1.8 million covered lives to date. Patient PAL™ adheres to the maxim of, “The Patient Always Comes First” as it offers patient advocacy services to individuals to help navigate through the complex health care system.


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