DOJ: South Dakota's long-term care system violates law; Catholic hospitals still deny pregnancy-related care to women for moral reasons;

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> An investigation by the Department of Justice has found that South Dakota's long-term care system violates federal law and wrongly puts thousands in nursing homes, The New York Times reported. Article

> Some Catholic hospitals across the country continue to deny women pregnancy-related care on moral grounds, according to an article from Vice. Article

> A doctor at Evanston NorthShore Hospital in Illinois has been charged with stealing close to $200,000 worth of medical equipment, reports the Chicago Tribune. Article

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> As the opioid abuse and addiction crisis intensified, private and public insurers took on more of the cost, according to new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published in Health Affairs. Article

> More Americans have healthcare coverage and access to medical care since the Affordable Care Act's provisions took effect, according to a new research from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Article

And Finally… Duck is covered. Article