Doctors trained with tech can't do without; Should stimulants be used to boost brainpower?;

> A new study has found that doctors who are trained using sophisticated health IT feel like they can't function when they end up working in an environment without as much technology. FierceHealthIT

> There's plenty of news about college students buying stimulants on the black market to boost their brainpower even though they don't have ADHD, but some people are wondering whether letting people have stimulants for this purpose is so bad after all. FiercePharma

> In case you thought the pharmaceutical industry would escape the recession unscathed, think again. After all, even Roche's CEO has publicly said that some pharmas will fail in the coming year. FiercePharma

> It might seem like common sense, but investigators are not mandated to tell volunteers the results of the clinical trial in which they participated. Patients, not surprisingly, aren't thrilled with this arrangement. Article

And Finally... Apparently U.S. Customs officials shouldn't just be looking for hazards, they should be looking for monkeys. Article